APlus Early Learning Academy is a child care facility that is an exciting place to work, learn, and play. We are known for our “No Negativity Zone.” Our childcare staff believes that with a strong academic foundation, activities to keep your infant and preschooler engaged and stimulated, as well as a positive learning daycare environment, children will maximize their potential and grow into well-rounded APlus students. We’ve set a very high standard with our passionate and professionally trained childcare staff and the expectation for our children to “SHINE” as early learners and throughout their lifetime.


  • Specializing in Early Learning, ages 6 weeks to Pre-K.
  • Pediatric Practice on site serving the Metro Atlanta community since 1991.
  • Fresh daily meals and snacks that exceed the nutritional value for young developing minds and bodies.
  • Daily physical activities that introduce the element of fun into fitness.
  • Fine Arts classes that nurture the outgoing nature of bright young minds.
  • Exposure to music to improve infant and preschoolers’ cognitive function.
  • Introduction to foreign languages at stages of growth when young minds are impressionable.
  • Programs that positively influence a child’s social skills.
  • Challenging and creative infant and preschool curriculum material for academic preparedness.
  • A commitment to supporting parental involvement and providing innovative teaching tools.
  • A fun-filled, loving environment where infant and preschool children always feel safe and secure.


Hello, my name is Monica Denson, and I’m professionally trained child care director with over 15 years of experience in the childcare industry. I have a deep passion for early learning and the performing arts. I believe that it’s never too early to begin sculpting the young minds in my child care center that I have the pleasure of working with. I see to it that infant and preschool-age children feel loved and see the value in their education while using fun and innovative ways to teach. I have authored my first children’s book, and I’m currently working on my second one. I have also created my own children’s character to further bring laughter and excitement to every child’s learning experience at my daycare in Marietta.


Here at APlus, nutrition is a priority at our child care center. We provide balanced, nutritious meals and snacks. Fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins are just a few of the healthy foods served daily in our child care programs. We provide alternative meal and snack options for special dietary needs.

As a parent, you can rest and be assured that Aplus Early Learning Academy will always uphold the highest of standards for a quality infant and preschool education that cannot be compared to any other.