Parenting is the toughest job you will ever have. In fact, many people enjoy pursuing their career because it gives them a break from parenting. Parenting has its ups and its downs. There are days when you will wonder why you decided to have children in the first place, and there are days when you think you couldn’t imagine life without your children.

Still, due to the daily demands from your children, finding time for yourself can be extremely challenging, which is where APlus Early Learning Academy in Marietta comes in. We understand the challenges parents face and the fact that they need a break as well. Thus, every Friday and Saturday night, we offer Parents’ Night Out.

Parents’ Night Out is where you drop off your child (we accept children from the ages of five to 12 who are potty-trained) at our daycare facility in Marietta, and we’ll take care of the rest. Some of the details about Parents’ Night Out include:

  • Times: 7 pm to 12 am
  • Days: Every Friday and Saturday night
  • Prices:
    • Infants to 3yrs – $50
    • 4yrs to 8yrs – $40
    • 8yrs to 12yrs – $30
    • $10 off the second child
  • Rules: Must reserve your child’s spot by 5 pm on Wednesday before the weekend. No drop-ins allowed.
  • Ages Accepted: infants-12 years old

At APlus Early Learning Academy in Marietta, we offer the Watch Me Grow app, which allows you to check on your child while they are at our child development center on your mobile device at anytime and from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Our compassionate and caring child learning staff will not only feed your children dinner and snacks throughout the night, but we will have many fun activities planned, which will vary based on the ages of the children that we are caring for. One thing is for certain — you can rest assured that your little ones will be safe at our daycare facility.


Gives You Precious Time Alone

Humans are meant to be in community with one another, laughing and sharing our trials and our triumphs together. However, there is an optimal amount of time you should be in community with others. Being by yourself is a chance to evaluate yourself, set goals, and just be with your thoughts and feelings. As a parent, you rarely have precious alone time. By dropping your kids off at our child development center, you will have a few precious hours to catch up on a book or a TV show, journal, or just do nothing but sit and enjoy the silence of your home.

Gives You a Chance to Reconnect With Your Spouse

While your spouse is still the most important person in your life, he or she can get pushed to the side in the midst of the chaos that is your life with kids. From school and homework to shuttling to after school activities and dinner, all of your energy is probably taken up with the kids, leaving precious few minutes for your spouse, and perhaps none for you. When you sign up for Parents’ Night Out at APlus Early Learning Academy in Marietta, you’ll have the opportunity to spend time with your spouse, perhaps go to dinner and watch a movie, and talk without constant interruptions from the kids.

Gives You A Chance to Indulge in Your Hobbies

For many of us, having kids can mean putting our own interests on hold, not necessarily because we want to but because the necessity of parenthood demands it. A baby needs constant care, and as your child ages, this shifts to a different kind of care as you begin to focus more on teaching your child morals and values rather than physically feeding them. During these years, there is little time that you had before to indulge in your hobbies and interests — those things that make your heart sing and that make life worth living. Take advantage of our child care services, drop your child off for the night, and then go and do what you’ve been putting off doing. This may be shopping with friends, painting, roller skating, or going for a nice long walk along the lake. Do something that will make your heart sing, if just for a little while.

Will Make You a Better Parent

As most of us who have had to deal with company that overstays their welcome knows, other people can get on your nerves. While it’s not quite the same with children, satisfying the constant needs of your kids can become overwhelming to the point you are irritable and might snap at your child. In order to prevent this, mental breaks from parenting and your child will serve to renew your spirit and, you might even miss your child. APlus Early Learning Academy offers up our licensed daycare facility in Marietta so you can take a break and recharge.


APlus Early Learning Academy in Marietta strives to be the best child development center in the area. We offer exceptional child care services with a top-notch toddler and preschool curriculum that will get your child ready for kindergarten. Our infant care program is staffed with caring and compassionate staff who will shower your infant with attention. We believe in reading to kids at all ages and in holding and comforting when needed.

We accept students from ages six weeks to pre-k age. We encourage parental involvement in all aspects of their children’s early education. We use Watch Me Grow app, so you can see what your child is doing all day long, and we utilize the Tadpoles program, which will allow you to view daily reports of your child’s day that all members of the family can use. Our licensed daycare is full of activities for the kids to enjoy, nutritious snacks throughout the day, and daily physical activities to get the blood flowing and the brain prepped for learning. From fostering social skills to encouraging imaginative play, our child development center in Marietta focuses on your child as a whole. Contact us today to get started!