Mommy…Daddy…I know how difficult it is to leave me, your precious little one into someone else’s care, but here at APlus they take caring for me seriously. The infant daycare teachers are very grateful and humble to play such a very important part in my education and growth. I’m experiencing a very positive and nurturing infant daycare environment. They get so excited watching me learn to crawl, hold my bottles, say DaDa, or one of my greatest accomplishments — walking. Today, I just want to be held for no reason at all. It feels so good to be held and comforted while in infant daycare when you’re not here. I guess I’ll take my catnap now. Don’t worry about me. I’m in good hands!

Infants and toddlers’ brains and bodies are developing at a very rapid pace. Even at this stage, our infant daycare teachers read to them and play music that will further help their development, as well as provide them the love and care they need to feel safe. We know that as parents your peace of mind is priceless while your child is in our infant daycare. You have our dedication and support!


WOW! What’s this? What’s that? Finally, the world is at my fingertips! I’m a Terrific Toddler, and this is what I’ll say one day. I’m busy, busy, busy as most toddlers are. It’s typical of me. My toddler daycare teachers also think it’s great. They say I’m developing and exploring just as I should. My Terrific Toddler daycare teachers are caring, knowledgeable, experienced, and energetic. They are fully trained and know what it takes to educate my friends and me. In my toddler class, we learn to use more words, learn to feed ourselves, sing the ABC song, and be introduced to the potty. Hello Potty! I’m also being exposed to foreign languages and performing arts. Whew! That’s a lot, but at APlus, my toddler daycare teachers say that I’m ready!

The toddler years are a time of great cognitive, emotional, and social development. Our child care center is totally equipped with tools and daycare teachers to prepare your child for the next phase.


This is where life gets really interesting. Adults have already begun to label us as terrible. We’ve only been around for two years! It’s only been half an hour. I have to go sit on the potty again?! Life is so unfair! Hey, I like the Home Living Area at my daycare. Oh wait, this food is plastic? What time is lunch again? I really enjoyed Morning Inspiration in my child care program. I learned that I’m great, smart, and that I can be anything I want to be. I’M A LEADER! This week’s character word in preschool is Leadership. I like reciting my ABC’s and learning to count in English and Spanish. I think music and art are two of my favorites.

Teachable Two’s are still experiencing their toddler years, but on the next level….


Mom and Dad, it’s getting easier to see you leave. I didn’t cry when you dropped me off today at daycare. I know that you’ll be back to get me later. I’m little, but not that little. My preschool teacher expects me to listen, show respect, and to know our daily routines. I look forward to playing with my friends. There are sight words everywhere as part of my preschool curriculum, and I remember some of them. Does that mean that I can read? I enjoy learning shapes, numbers, and letters. I’m not having potty accidents anymore. But, just in case, my preschool teacher wants me to have a change of clothing. It’s time for preschool learning centers. I can choose science, home living, literacy, art — there are so many choices, and preschool learning is so much fun.

Our Thriving 3 year olds are taught to be confident in our daycare, as a positive mental attitude and healthy self-image is cultivated by our preschool educators. This is important as preschool children begin to imitate adults and their friends. They learn to share by taking turns and showing a wide range of emotions. Our professional preschool teachers are prepared to help them cope and grow. Parents and teachers will work together to ensure that your APlus student is ready for Pre-K.


All of my years at APlus’ daycare have brought me a pivotal time in my life. Well, I may not be able to say “pivotal” but the “best” time of my life. I have improved in my social habits and language development skills at the best child development center in Marietta. It’s still challenging for my preschool teacher to get me to transition smoothly from an outdoor activity to an indoor activity. She’s extremely patient while I count backward from 60. Did you know that there’s 60 seconds is one minute? I got some really cool stickers for cleaning up my preschool classroom the quickest and knowing where to stand to line up. I got it!

I really enjoy group discussions, identifying letters, beginning sounds, ending sounds, rhyming words, understanding word opposites, math skills, sorting manipulatives, and my list goes on and on at preschool. We’ve even done a “Vision Board.” My fine motor skills are perfect thanks to this amazing preschool curriculum. I cut out everything all by myself. Kindergarten, here I come!

The preschool day gets pretty busy in the world of our APlus Pre-K students. Pre-K is really where the magic happens! That’s why they’re called “Fantabulous!”

Our Pre-K students are prepared for academic achievement. In fact, all of our child care students are. As a parent, you can rest and be assured that APlus Early Learning Academy will always uphold the highest of standards for a quality preschool education that cannot be compared to any other.


  • Award winning preschool curriculum!
  • Over 8,000 learning activities for infants and toddlers
  • Preschool reading readiness
  • Foreign languages
  • S.T.E.M.
  • Music & art
  • Performing arts