With coronavirus threatening to infect us and our loved ones and causing lockdowns around the country and world, it’s safe to say these are particularly stressful times. If you’re still working during this pandemic, let us take the burden of childcare off your hands! Our daycare facility in Marietta is clean and safe. We will continue to take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

We’re proud to once again be open for business here at APlus Early Learning Academy! We closed our doors for one week to make sure our facility was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We’d like to thank our teachers and administration for their work throughout our brief closure, as they played a vital role in getting our facilities in proper shape to offer you safe, sanitary daycare for your children. Other businesses you love may be shutting down amidst this virus, but at APlus Early Learning Academy, we’re pressing on with increased safety and security measures to offer you the peace of mind of safe, clean, engaging, and fun daycare for your child. Read on to learn more about what we’ve done to ensure the health of staff and students alike at our daycare!

What We’ve Done To Ensure A Clean Daycare Facility And Significantly Reduce The Risk Of Exposure To Coronavirus

  • Top-to-Bottom Deep Cleaning. We brought in a professional cleaning crew to give our facilities the deepest, most thorough clean possible. Every surface, wall, and other thing your child could possibly touch at our daycare was given a professional level of sanitization. 
  • Individually-Cleaned Toys. We washed and cleaned every toy in our facility, either by hand or machine wash. 
  • Complete Clean For All Items And Accessories. We also cleaned all of our books, sheets, cots, mats, and cloth toys individually to ensure their safe use. 
  • Total Disinfection. We sanitized and disinfected our entire daycare facility using the Victory VP200ES Professional Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer, a disinfectant sprayer tool that assists in the thorough and even application of disinfectant spray on every kind of surface. More information on the Victory Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer can be found here: https://victorycomplete.com/product/professional-cordless-electrostatic-sprayer/


What We’ll Be Doing Moving Forward To Ensure A Clean Daycare Facility And Significantly Reduce The Risk Of Exposure To Coronavirus

  • Mandatory Health Screening. All students, parents, teachers, and staff at Aplus Early Learning Academy will be checkedupon arrival. We will use thermometers to evaluate everyone and make sure no one is coming with a fever or any other problematic symptoms.
  • Collaboration With Medical Professionals. As always, our daycare facility is conveniently located behind one of the largest pediatric practices in the Southeast. If you give us permission, we’ll be able to get your child prompt medical attention in case of emergency.


Additional Child Care Service Offerings 

We have now reopened APlus Early learning Academy and are ready to serve our hard-working parents, as well as any hospitals, medical staff, first responders, or simply new parents looking for a safe and clean enriching school for their little ones! Feel confident knowing your child’s learning and development is engaging and uninterrupted by the coronavirus outbreak. We believe in the importance of child development, and we’ve worked hard to ensure your child receives the same fun education, exciting play, and healthy meals they always do at our Marietta daycare, no matter what happens. 

In these difficult times, we’re proud to also be able to offer extended hours and 3rd shift child care, in addition to our 24 hour daycare services. These spots are especially limited and will fill quickly, so call today to reserve your child’s spot! Let us give your child a safe, supportive environment to learn and play in so you can focus on supporting your family. Sign them up today!