I am honored to present this testimony. Monica Denson was my daycare provider during the years  2001 through 2004.  My reasons for writing this testimony is because of the integrity, honor, caring, character, and godliness of my daycare provider for my daughter, from age 3 months to three years old.

Monica invited us over for a brief orientation and for her to meet the baby and get to know her.  Monica immediately fell in love with her and of course my husband and I fell in love with her and her family. Monica helped structure my daughter’s day while attending her daycare.  She never cried to stay while I left to go to work.  The most that stood out from the care was that Monica implemented healthy alternatives for her own children and the daycare children too.  She loved Mone’t like her own and as a mother, that is the absolute most important thing to me.  Her daycare activities were structured around education and fun.  It never phased my husband and I to drive daily during the week from our home in Austell, Georgia to Riverdale, Georgia to take Mone’t to daycare at Monica’s.  It was all worth it!!!!!  I praise God for allowing our connection to Monica and her family.

My daughter is now 16 years old.  We are currently still connected with Monica.  I would like to thank her and her family for being a blessing to our family.  Congratulations on the opening of APlus Early Learning Academy.

Tanya Kay